i could love you everyday but it's way easier to let go
11.8.18 21:17

you are not the one i am in love with
let me kill your romance
let me break your heart
i am no lover
i am a sinner
i am one of the worst
persons you'll ever get to know
i'll let you get nearer
but not closer
because you are not the one i am in love with
11.7.18 10:14

and somehow i felt the urge to take your face
inside of my hands
feel you
every fingertip feeling your skin
and your skin
and i imagined how it would be
to touch your lips
with my lips
and i took one breath
and a hundred more
but i didn't
but i didn't

30.6.18 04:53

you are the weirdest person i know
19.2.18 09:10

Du solltest mir nicht fehlen.
3.12.17 08:32

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